Why Soft Skills ?

Why Soft Skills ?


Being successful in the working environment of the 21st century requires a constant development of skills. Though the technical skills helps an individual in filling up to a vacancy in a firm, the concept of sustainable employability is a question mark, this is when an individual’s soft skills come into act.

Being an individual, each one is meant to have difference of opinions and different perspective about every other thing we come across in our day to day life. Every other person is fighting within themselves a thirst of self-realisation or striving to get out of a situation that may likely destroy their inner peace.

Every other successful person that you come across in life has been through such things as well, but how is it still possible them to excel in both career and in their personal life. When making any decision, the steady poise of balancing between the thoughts in the mind and what your heart says is called one’s skill. Soft skill is not a skill for profession, but a skill for life!

Most commonly soft skill are known to bridge the gap between the campus and the corporate industry, least did people realise that soft skill brings about a beautiful balance in the entire journey of life with utmost certainty. Even in handling tough situations, soft skill acts as a catalyst in bringing out the optimistic and confident self from within. It will be evident that all the inferiorities faced will depict the lack of soft skill in them.

But what’s the difference between soft skill and hard skill?

Hard skill is something more concrete which once learnt is learnt for life. Eg: technical knowledge, programming, typewriting etc., they are measurable skills that can be performed. Soft skills is basically all about “people skills”, in embossing one’s personality both internally and externally.

Externally it is communication, personality and behaviour, grooming and also how one adapts to the environment.

Internally soft skill is about knowing your strength and weakness, and being a person of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-driven towards all the walls of life. It also means that the ability to handle criticisms, to make important decisions, to solve problems, to negotiate and every other form of emotional administration and management will be of ease to people having excellent soft skills.

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